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Last updated 05/10/2017

I am an Amateur

I am NOT a professional genealogist, just an amateur who's been doing this a long time.  I enjoy using personal & public websites to share what I've learned in nearly half a century.  More details follow below but here's my experience in brief:
  • First Interest - About 1961 I became interested in family history. My father's family has been doing genealogy for over 100 years.
  • Serious Research - In 1970 I began doing serious genealogical research.
  • Publications - In the early 1990s I wrote 2 books on my family's history.  At the same time I uploaded my family history to the available websites (some of which was in error). 
  • Genealogy Software - I purchased a home computer and the PAF genealogy software for DOS.  I have since purchased and obtained the latest upgrades for PAF (until it's end), RootsMagic, Legacy, Ancestral Quest, and Family Tree Maker.  For a bit of the History of PAF, CLICK HERE.
  • DNA Testing - I've tested with 3 different testing companies.  In 2001 my wife and I first had our DNA tested with SMGF.  In 2008 I obtained my results from Genetree.  I have since tested multiple tests with both and  I have had my yDNA tested at the highest levels.  I have also tested my mtDNA and autosomal DNA twice. 
  • Websites - in the mid 2000s I began purchasing and creating personal websites to gain a web presence for all my family's genealogical research.  Much of our research is now available online at multiple websites publicly and privately owned.  As an administrator of the Vincent DNA Project, my fellow researchers and I have collaborated personally with other web managers and project coordinators to increase our web presence and let people know of our discoveries.  Our goal is simply to share what we know at no cost to others and to help others avoid some of the frustrations we've been faced with while trying to learn.

Family History & Genealogy

I began doing family history research in 1970.  I've self-published 2 family history books.  My wife and I served twice as volunteers (missionaries) for the Family History Dept of the LDS Church.  From 2007 to 2008 we were in Worldwide Support (software support).  From 2011 to 2012 we were in Data Quality (database support).  Both times I was an assistant zone leader.  

Click HERE to learn more about Ron's volunteer service as a missionary in LDS Family History.

My personal family history website is  
Great-grandparents surnames are:
Vincent, Finch, Seay, Pace, Warren, Farmer, Blake, & Smith.  The info posted there is not as accurate as I would like.  Until I correct it you may find more accurate info posted on Wikitree.  I also have a public tree on named the "Ron Vincent Family Tree" for which you'll need an subscription whereas my trees on, and are free.

My Vincent Lineage website is   My surname lineage is:
Ron Vincent,  W.G. Vincent (d.1993),  Oakley Vincent (d.1955),  Aaron Vincent (d.1901),  John Vincent (d.1871),
Aaron Vinson (d.1791),  John Vinson (d.1787),  John Vinson Jr. (d.1727),  John Vincent (d.1698)

My 23 page pedigree is available HERE.

DNA (Genetic Genealogy)

2001 was my first involvement with DNA research for family history.  
To see my DNA experience, CLICK HERE.  

I've taken all the tests available for genealogy DNA testing:
- My mother's line (mtDNA)
- The autosomal test, which is also called Family Finder (atDNA), and
- My father's line (yDNA).  This one has been the most helpful to me.
I am an administrator of the Vincent DNA Project at

Old Family Photos and Blog

On of my projects has been to post all our old family photos in a "Cloud" folder for family members to get full-sized photos and historic stories.  I've created a Family Photo Blog to share them.  If you're interested in doing the same, please email me for details.

Weblinks for My Genealogy, DNA, 
and other such Information

Personal genealogy sites
  (I own these domains): - my personal lineage website - my personal genealogy website

Public Websites   (where some or all of my ancestry can be found): - no login required's Family Tree - a free, 
no-strings account, login required for editing - paid account required (username is "vincentsfamily")
Wikitree - login required for editing but not for viewing - link to my Findagrave profile

DNA Websites   (on which my yDNA & mtDNA can be found. Autsomal DNA is on & GEDMatch): - our Vincent Surname DNA Project
Rons Relatives - a small family DNA project that I manage - my yDNA on YSearch, User ID is "AS8K2" - my mtDNA on MitoSearch
, User ID is "AS8K2"
at, my User ID is "FB3604"
DNA/2001-10-13 to 2014-03-07 - my detailed DNA history

WikiTree free family tree wiki
+ more ... join me @ WikiTree

Roots Magic Genealogy Software